Find 14+ of The Best Western Food in Singapore in 2024

Looking for the best Western food in Singapore? Discover a variety of delectable Western cuisines served in top-notch restaurants and cafes.

(Updated on: Jan 18, 2024)

Western Food in Singapore

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1. What are the best Western food restaurants in Singapore with affordable pricing?

Indulge in delicious Western cuisine without breaking the bank! Check out these affordable options for the best Western food in Singapore:

  • The Salted Plum - Offering a wide range of affordable modern Taiwanese dishes with Western influences. Prices typically range from SGD 10 to 20 per dish.
  • Penny University - A cozy cafe known for its all-day breakfast options and delectable Western dishes, with prices averaging around SGD 15 to 25 per dish.
  • GRUB - A casual eatery offering quality burgers, pastas, and grilled items. Prices generally range from SGD 15 to 30 per dish, making it a great option for value-for-money Western food.
  • Marche Movenpick (Vivocity) - This European marketplace-style restaurant serves a variety of Western cuisine, such as rosti, pizzas, and salads. Prices vary but usually fall between SGD 10 and 25 per dish.
  • The Beast - Savor lip-smacking Southern American comfort food at this cozy joint. Prices typically range from SGD 20 to 30 per dish.

2. Where can I find the best fine dining Western restaurants in Singapore?

For an extraordinary culinary experience, explore these fine dining establishments offering exceptional Western cuisine in Singapore:

  • Jân - A Michelin-starred restaurant featuring a tasteful blend of modern French and artisanal Southeast Asian flavors. Expect to spend SGD 150 to 300 per person.
  • Braci - Indulge in contemporary Italian fare combined with a stunning rooftop bar and panoramic views. Prices can range from SGD 120 to 250 per person.
  • Saint Pierre - A renowned restaurant offering a gastronomic journey with delicately crafted dishes inspired by seasonal produce and French culinary techniques. Prices range from SGD 180 to 350 per person.
  • Odette - Awarded three Michelin stars, this establishment showcases exquisite modern French cuisine. Prepare to spend SGD 325 to 450 per person.
  • Les Amis - A trusted name in Singapore's fine dining scene, Les Amis presents refined French cuisine paired with an extensive wine list. Prices can range from SGD 150 to 300 per person.

3. What are some popular Western food delivery options in Singapore?

When you crave Western flavors at home, check out these popular food delivery services offering a diverse range of Western cuisine:

  • Deliveroo - Deliveroo partners with numerous Western food restaurants in Singapore, ensuring a wide selection of dishes delivered right to your doorstep.
  • Foodpanda - Foodpanda features a variety of Western cuisine options for delivery, allowing you to enjoy your favorite dishes in the comfort of your home.
  • GrabFood - GrabFood offers a convenient way to have Western dishes delivered, with an array of restaurants offering different types of Western cuisine.
  • - specializes in delivering Western food orders from a range of partner restaurants, making it easy to satisfy your cravings.
  • WhyQ - Focusing on hawker food and local delights, WhyQ also offers Western cuisine options from selected vendors. 

4. What are some highly recommended Western food buffets in Singapore?

If you're a fan of all-you-can-eat indulgence, these Western food buffets in Singapore are sure to satisfy your cravings:

  • Triple Three - Located at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Triple Three offers a delectable international buffet spread, featuring a wide range of Western dishes alongside Asian and local delights.
  • The Carvery - Situated at Park Hotel Alexandra, The Carvery specializes in premium roasts and succulent meats. Enjoy their extensive buffet, which includes an array of Western-inspired dishes.
  • Edge - Housed within Pan Pacific Singapore, Edge presents a lavish buffet spread with live cooking stations and a diverse selection of Western cuisine, among many other worldwide favorites.
  • Lime Restaurant - Located at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, Lime showcases a sumptuous buffet featuring a fusion of local, Asian, and Western dishes in a modern atmosphere.
  • Café Mosaic - Situated at Carlton Hotel Singapore, Café Mosaic offers an extensive buffet showcasing the best of Western cuisine, including grill specials and tempting desserts.

5. Are there any Halal-certified Western food restaurants in Singapore?

Absolutely! Muslim friends can savor delicious Halal-certified Western cuisine at these reputable restaurants:

  • Santaro By Gion - Located at Amara Hotel, Santaro By Gion serves up Japanese-inspired Western offerings, with Halal certification from Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS).
  • Two Hana - Combining Western dishes with Korean influences, Two Hana offers a unique dining experience. They are Muslim-owned and have obtained Halal certification.
  • The Halia - Nestled in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, The Halia boasts a Halal-certified menu of modern European cuisine with subtle Asian flavors, ensuring delightful dining for all.
  • TypeWriters Calvary - This Muslim-owned Western food stall provides affordable and delicious Halal-certified options, such as burgers, pastas, and sandwiches, located in various hawker centers across Singapore.
  • Rich and Good Cake Shop - While primarily known for their Swiss rolls and pastries, this Halal-certified bakery also offers Western-style cakes, including chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, and cheesecakes.

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