Find 15+ of The Best Sushi Restaurants in Singapore in 2024

Find the top sushi spots in Singapore! Discover the best sushi restaurants, from traditional to modern, serving up fresh and delectable Japanese cuisine.

(Updated on: Jan 19, 2024)

Sushi Restaurants in Singapore

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1. What are the top sushi restaurants in Singapore?

Singapore is known for its exceptional sushi restaurants. Some of the best ones include:

  • Sushi Kimura: A renowned sushi restaurant offering an omakase dining experience curated by skilled chefs.
  • Shinji by Kanesaka: A Michelin-starred sushi establishment, known for its authentic and exquisite omakase courses.
  • Hashida Sushi: A hidden gem that offers an intimate and elegant sushi experience with attention to detail and flavors.
  • Tatsuya: Known for its artfully prepared sushi, Tatsuya offers a menu filled with fresh ingredients and creative combinations.
  • Shoukouwa: With its focus on precision and quality, Shoukouwa offers an exceptional omakase experience with carefully selected ingredients from Japan.

2. What is the average pricing at sushi restaurants in Singapore?

The pricing at sushi restaurants in Singapore varies depending on the establishment, the quality of ingredients, and the dining experience they offer. On average, you can expect to spend around $80 to $200 per person for a meal at a reputable sushi restaurant. It's worth noting that some restaurants may have set menus or offer different pricing tiers for different courses.

3. Are there any affordable sushi restaurants in Singapore?

Yes, there are several affordable sushi restaurants in Singapore that provide good quality sushi at a reasonable price. Some options include:

  • Itacho Sushi: Itacho Sushi is known for its extensive menu and affordable pricing without compromising on taste and freshness.
  • Genki Sushi: Offering a fun and interactive dining experience, Genki Sushi is a popular choice for affordable yet satisfying sushi and Japanese dishes.
  • Sakuraya Fish Mart: Not just a sushi restaurant, Sakuraya Fish Mart is a seafood market where you can find fresh cuts of sushi-grade fish at affordable prices.

4. Do these sushi restaurants offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, many sushi restaurants in Singapore understand the preferences of their patrons and offer vegetarian and vegan options. They often craft sushi using fresh vegetables, tofu, and a variety of plant-based ingredients. Some restaurants that cater to such preferences include:

  • Herbivore: Herbivore offers a range of vegetarian and vegan sushi options made with creativity and flavors that appeal to plant-based diners.
  • Rollie Olie: Although not exclusively a sushi restaurant, Rollie Olie offers vegetarian and vegan sushi rolls filled with unique combinations of ingredients.

5. Are reservations required at the best sushi restaurants in Singapore?

Reservations are highly recommended, especially for the top sushi restaurants in Singapore. These establishments often have limited seating due to their commitment to a personalized dining experience. To secure a table and avoid disappointment, it is advisable to make a reservation in advance. Most restaurants provide online reservation options on their websites or have dedicated reservation hotlines to facilitate booking.

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