Find 56+ of The Best Steak in Singapore in 2024

Looking for the best steak in Singapore? Discover a succulent selection of prime cuts and indulgent dining experiences at the finest establishments in the city.

(Updated on: Feb 03, 2024)

Steak in Singapore

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1. Where can I find the best steak in Singapore?

For steak lovers in Singapore, there are several renowned restaurants known for serving the best steaks in town. Some popular options include:

  • Cut by Wolfgang Puck: Located at Marina Bay Sands, Cut offers a wide selection of prime steaks and a luxurious dining experience.
  • Wooloomooloo Steakhouse: Situated in the heart of Singapore, Wooloomooloo is known for its juicy steaks and stunning city views.
  • Lawry's The Prime Rib: This iconic restaurant at Mandarin Gallery is famous for its prime ribs and classic steak dishes.
  • Morton's The Steakhouse: With its elegant ambiance and top-quality steaks, Morton's is a favorite among steak aficionados.
  • Bedrock Bar & Grill: Nestled on Orchard Road, Bedrock is renowned for its dry-aged steaks and extensive wine list.

2. How much does a steak typically cost in Singapore?

The price of steaks in Singapore can vary depending on factors such as the type of steak, restaurant, and portion size. On average, expect to pay around:

  • Mid-range restaurants: Prices range from SGD 40 to SGD 80 for a steak.
  • High-end establishments: Prices start from SGD 80 up to SGD 200 or more for premium cuts and exclusive dining experiences.

It's important to note that prices may fluctuate based on seasonal availability and market conditions. It's advisable to refer to specific restaurant menus for the most up-to-date pricing information.

3. What are some affordable steak options in Singapore?

If you're looking for delicious steaks in Singapore without breaking the bank, there are budget-friendly options available as well. Some affordable steak restaurants include:

  • The Chop House: Known for their decently-priced steaks and casual ambiance, The Chop House offers a range of tasty options.
  • Astons Specialities: A popular chain with multiple outlets across Singapore, Astons serves affordable yet satisfying steaks.
  • Hog's Breath Cafe: This Australian-themed restaurant offers a range of affordable steaks and hearty portions.
  • Steakout: Located near Thomson Plaza, Steakout is known for its value-for-money steaks and friendly service.

4. What are the different types of steaks available in Singapore?

When it comes to steak, Singapore offers a variety of options to cater to different preferences. Some of the commonly available steak cuts include:

  • Ribeye: Known for its rich marbling, ribeye steaks offer a juicy and flavorful dining experience.
  • Tenderloin: Often considered the most tender cut, tenderloin steaks are lean and known for their buttery texture.
  • Striploin: Striploin steaks are valued for their balanced marbling and tenderness, making them a popular choice.
  • Porterhouse: A combination of a tenderloin and striploin, porterhouse steaks offer a generous portion and unique flavor.
  • T-bone: Similar to porterhouse, T-bone steaks consist of a T-shaped bone with meat on both sides, including both tenderloin and striploin.

5. Do these steak restaurants offer vegetarian or vegan options?

While steak restaurants primarily focus on meat dishes, many do offer vegetarian and vegan options to cater to a wider range of diners. Typically, these options include:

  • Vegetarian Steaks: Some establishments offer vegetable-based steaks made from ingredients like mushrooms, tofu, or plant-based proteins.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Sides: Most steak restaurants provide a selection of vegetarian and vegan sides, salads, or vegetable-based dishes to accommodate non-meat eaters.
  • Customization: Some restaurants are flexible and willing to prepare special vegetarian or vegan options upon request, allowing you to enjoy a satisfying meal.

It's recommended to check with the specific restaurant or review their menu online beforehand to ensure they have suitable options for vegetarians or vegans.

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