Find 15+ of The Best Dessert Spots in Singapore in 2024

Discover the top dessert spots in Singapore! Indulge in sweet treats at these hand-picked locations for the ultimate dessert experience in Singapore.

(Updated on: Jan 05, 2024)

Dessert Spots in Singapore

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1. What are some popular dessert spots in Singapore?

Singapore offers a wide range of popular dessert spots that cater to various preferences. Some highly recommended options include:

  • Dessert Story: Known for its traditional Asian desserts like shaved ice with toppings and classic Chinese pastries.
  • Patisserie G: A charming patisserie that specializes in French-inspired pastries with a modern twist.
  • Arteastiq: Combining art and indulgence, Arteastiq offers delectable desserts alongside a unique artistic experience.
  • Udders: Famed for their rich and inventive ice cream flavors, Udders is a must-visit for ice cream lovers.
  • Antoinette: A sophisticated Parisian-style café offering exquisite French pastries, cakes, and confectioneries.

2. Which dessert spots in Singapore are budget-friendly?

If you're looking for dessert spots in Singapore that won't break the bank, consider the following options:

  • Ah Chew Desserts: This local favorite serves up affordable traditional Chinese desserts with generous portions.
  • Honeymoon Dessert: Originating from Hong Kong, Honeymoon Dessert offers a variety of reasonably priced Asian sweet treats.
  • Doughnut Shack: Serving handcrafted donuts at affordable prices, Doughnut Shack is perfect for a sweet and budget-friendly treat.
  • Four Seasons Durians: If you enjoy durian, head to Four Seasons Durians for affordable yet quality durian desserts and confections.
  • Creamier: Known for their artisanal ice cream, Creamier offers wallet-friendly prices for their delightful scoops.

3. What are some popular dessert spots in Singapore with vegan options?

Singapore's dessert scene has embraced vegan options to cater to the growing demand. Here are a few popular spots that offer vegan desserts:

  • Brownice: Specializing in dairy-free, egg-free, and vegan-friendly ice cream, Brownice is a go-to for vegan dessert lovers.
  • Afterglow by Anglow: This vegan and vegetarian-friendly eatery offers a unique selection of plant-based desserts, including raw cakes and bliss balls.
  • Smoocht: Providing dairy-free and vegan ice cream options, Smoocht is known for its innovative flavors and guilt-free indulgence.
  • VeganBurg: Besides their famous vegan burgers, VeganBurg also offers vegan desserts like dairy-free soft serve ice cream.
  • Well Dressed Salad Bar & Café: This health-conscious café serves vegan desserts that are both guilt-free and delicious.

4. What dessert spots in Singapore offer a unique dining experience?

For a memorable and unique dessert experience, consider visiting these spots:

  • 2am:dessertbar: Led by acclaimed pastry chef Janice Wong, this dessert-focused restaurant offers visually stunning and inventive sweet creations.
  • Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate: Combining a chic bistro atmosphere with decadent desserts, Ninethirty provides a unique dining experience in addition to its signature chocolate cakes.
  • Wheeler's Yard: A bicycle-themed café that offers an eclectic dessert menu alongside its industrial-inspired setting.
  • St. Marc Café: Famous for their chococro (chocolate croissant) and fusion of Japanese and Western flavors, St. Marc Café provides a delightful and unique dessert experience.
  • The Dark Gallery: Devoted to all things chocolate, The Dark Gallery offers artisanal chocolate desserts, ice creams, and drinks, allowing visitors to indulge in a delectable chocolate-themed experience.

5. Are there any dessert spots in Singapore with stunning views?

If you're interested in enjoying your dessert with a scenic backdrop, these dessert spots offer stunning views:

  • Faber Peak Singapore: Located atop Mount Faber, Faber Peak Singapore's Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro offers breathtaking views while enjoying desserts.
  • Marina Bay Sands: With various dining options, including dessert spots, Marina Bay Sands offers stunning vistas of Singapore's skyline.
  • Indochine at Asian Civilisations Museum: Overlooking the Singapore River, Indochine offers delightful dessert options along with a panoramic view of the river and cityscape.
  • SuperTree by IndoChine: Situated in Gardens by the Bay, this rooftop dining spot provides an array of desserts with a stunning view of the Supertrees and garden surroundings.
  • Spuds & Aprons: Located on Mount Faber, Spuds & Aprons offers both local and international desserts with an enchanting view of the city and harbor.

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