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Looking for the best Westgate food in Singapore? Discover a culinary haven with our top picks of delightful dining options at Westgate Mall.

(Updated on: Jan 05, 2024)

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1. What are some popular food options available at Westgate?

At Westgate, you can find a wide range of popular food options to satisfy your cravings. From savory dishes to sweet treats, there's something for everyone. Some noteworthy options include:

  • Thai Delights: Experience the authentic flavors of Thailand at "Spice Thai Cuisine," where you can indulge in a variety of delicious curries, stir-fried dishes, and mouthwatering Thai noodles.
  • Italian Masterpieces: "Bella Italia" offers the best of Italian cuisine, with delectable pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and classic Italian desserts that will transport you to the streets of Italy.
  • Mouthwatering Burgers: For burger enthusiasts, "Top Grill" is the go-to spot. They serve a range of juicy burgers, unique toppings, and tasty sides that will leave you fully satisfied.
  • Fresh and Healthy: If you're looking for nutritious options, "Green Garden" is your answer. This health-focused restaurant serves fresh salads, wraps, smoothies, and more, ensuring a guilt-free and delightful meal.
  • A Sweet Ending: Stop by "Sweet Treats" for an array of delicious desserts. Indulge in homemade pastries, cakes, ice cream, and other delightful confections that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

2. What are the average price ranges for food at Westgate?

The price range for food at Westgate may vary depending on the specific restaurant or food stall you choose. However, as a general guide, you can expect the following price ranges:

  • Casual Dining: Most casual dining restaurants at Westgate offer meals ranging from $10 to $25 per person, depending on the complexity and type of cuisine.
  • Quick Service Restaurants and Food Stalls: Grab a quick bite at various food stalls or quick-service restaurants that typically offer options within the $5 to $15 price range.
  • Fine Dining Options: If you prefer a more upscale dining experience, there are fine dining options available that might have a higher price range, usually ranging from $30 to $60 per person.

It's important to note that prices mentioned are approximate and subject to change. It's advisable to check with individual establishments for specific pricing details.

3. Are there any vegetarian or vegan food options at Westgate?

Yes, Westgate offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan food options to cater to different dietary preferences. Here are a few establishments that provide excellent choices:

  • Veggie Delight: Located in the food court, "Veggie Delight" is a dedicated vegetarian and vegan stall offering a wide range of plant-based dishes, including veggie burgers, wraps, salads, and more.
  • Plant-Based Paradise: For vegan-friendly options, "Green Bites" is a great choice. This eatery offers delicious vegan meals, such as vegan sushi rolls, grain bowls, and delightful desserts.
  • International Cuisine: Several restaurants at Westgate also have vegetarian and vegan options clearly marked on their menus, ensuring you have plenty to choose from. For example, "Spice Thai Cuisine" has a separate menu section featuring vegetarian and vegan Thai dishes.

Whether you're vegetarian or vegan, you'll find tasty and satisfying options throughout Westgate to suit your dietary needs.

4. Are there any food delivery services available from Westgate restaurants?

Yes, several restaurants at Westgate offer food delivery services for the convenience of their customers. Here are a few popular options:

  • Restaurant Delivery Apps: Many restaurants collaborate with food delivery apps such as Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats to provide seamless delivery services. Simply browse through the apps, select your preferred restaurant at Westgate, and place your order.
  • In-house Delivery: Some restaurants have their own in-house delivery services. You can either call the restaurant directly or visit their website to check if they offer delivery and place an order.
  • Curbside Pickup: In addition to delivery, certain restaurants also offer curbside pickup options. Place your order in advance, and the restaurant will have it ready for pickup at a designated spot outside the premises.

By offering multiple delivery options, Westgate ensures you can enjoy your favorite meals from the comfort of your home or office.

5. Which restaurants at Westgate offer gluten-free food options?

For those with gluten allergies or dietary restrictions, Westgate has several restaurants that provide gluten-free options. Here are a few notable choices:

  • Healthy Haven: "Fresh Bites" is a health-focused restaurant that offers a range of gluten-free options. From salads to grain bowls and gluten-free wraps, you'll find a variety of delicious and nutritious choices.
  • Classic Italian: If you're craving Italian cuisine, "Bella Italia" has gluten-free pasta alternatives available upon request. They strive to accommodate various dietary needs without compromising on taste.
  • Natural and Organic: "Green Garden" not only offers fresh and healthy options but also has a diverse selection of gluten-free dishes. Their menu includes gluten-free salads, gluten-free dressings, and gluten-free smoothies.

With these gluten-free options, you can enjoy a safe and delightful dining experience at Westgate, tailored to your specific dietary requirements.

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