Find 8+ of The Best Jurong Point food in 2024

Discover the tastiest and most mouthwatering food options at Jurong Point in Singapore. Indulge in the best dining experiences this vibrant hub has to offer.

(Updated on: Jan 05, 2024)

Jurong Point food

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1. What are some popular food options at Jurong Point?

Jurong Point offers a wide range of delectable food options to suit every taste. Some popular food choices include:

  • ABC Soup Kitchen: Serving hearty and comforting soups at affordable prices.
  • Noodle House: Known for its flavorful and customizable noodle dishes.
  • Crunchy Wings: Famous for its crispy and succulent chicken wings in various flavors.
  • Sushi Delight: Offering a delightful selection of fresh and tasty sushi rolls.
  • Cheesy Grill: Specializing in grilled dishes with a delicious cheesy twist.

2. Are there any vegetarian or vegan-friendly food outlets at Jurong Point?

Yes, Jurong Point caters to vegetarian and vegan preferences. Some food outlets offer vegetarian or vegan-friendly options, such as:

  • Green Bites: A vegetarian eatery serving a variety of plant-based meals.
  • Salad Paradise: Offering an extensive range of fresh and healthy salads.
  • Smoothie Haven: Providing delicious and nutritious vegan smoothies and bowls.
  • Miso Veggie: Known for its delectable vegetarian sushi and Japanese dishes.
  • Noodle Corner: Offering vegetarian versions of popular noodle dishes.

3. What are the average prices of food at Jurong Point?

The prices of food at Jurong Point vary depending on the type of cuisine and the specific food outlet. On average, you can expect the following pricing ranges:

  • Affordable options: $5 - $10 per meal
  • Mid-range options: $10 - $20 per meal
  • Higher-end options: Above $20 per meal

Please note that these are approximate price ranges and may vary between different food outlets.

4. Are there any halal-certified food stalls at Jurong Point?

Yes, Jurong Point offers a variety of halal-certified food options to cater to diverse dietary requirements. Some halal-certified food stalls include:

  • Halal BBQ Corner: Offering mouthwatering grilled dishes prepared in accordance with halal guidelines.
  • Halal Seafood Delight: Known for its delectable halal-certified seafood dishes.
  • Halal Western Grill: Serving up delicious halal Western cuisine with a twist.
  • Halal Noodle House: Offering a variety of halal-certified noodle dishes.

5. Can I find international cuisines at Jurong Point?

Yes, Jurong Point is a culinary destination where you can find a diverse range of international cuisines. Some notable international food options include:

  • Thai Delights: Serving authentic Thai dishes with a burst of flavors.
  • Korean Bites: Offering a wide selection of popular Korean dishes.
  • Italian Pasta Place: Known for its mouthwatering Italian pasta and pizzas.
  • Indian Spice House: Delighting taste buds with fragrant Indian curries and spices.
  • Mexican Fiesta: Serving up delicious Mexican dishes such as tacos and burritos.

Please note that this is just an overview, and Jurong Point offers many more international cuisines to explore.

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