Find 29+ of The Best Buffets in Singapore in 2024

Looking for the best buffets in Singapore? Check out our handpicked selection of the top buffet restaurants in Singapore for a gastronomic feast like no other.

(Updated on: Jan 05, 2024)

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1. What are the best buffets in Singapore for local cuisine?

Singapore offers a wide array of buffets with mouthwatering local delicacies. Some popular choices include:

  • The Orchard Cafe: Known for its extensive selection of local dishes, including laksa, chicken rice, and Hainanese pork chops.

  • StraitsKitchen: This buffet showcases the best of Singaporean cuisine, with dishes like satay, chili crab, and roti prata.

  • The Line: Featuring a live cooking station, this buffet offers a variety of local favorites such as bak kut teh (pork rib soup) and oyster omelette.

2. Can you recommend any budget-friendly buffets in Singapore?

If you're looking for affordable buffets without compromising on taste, here are a few options to consider:

  • Marche Movenpick: This European-style market restaurant offers a buffet experience with a variety of dishes at reasonable prices.

  • Sakura International Buffet: Known for its value-for-money concept, Sakura offers a diverse range of international cuisines at affordable rates.

  • The RiceTable: Specializing in Indonesian cuisine, this buffet provides an affordable yet delectable feast with dishes like rendang and satay.

3. What are some popular seafood buffets in Singapore?

If you're a fan of seafood, Singapore has several alluring options for you to satisfy your cravings:

  • JUMBO Seafood: Renowned for its seafood dishes, JUMBO Seafood offers a buffet experience where you can indulge in their famous chili crab and black pepper crab.

  • The Boiler Seafood Bar & Beer: Known for their delectable seafood boils, this buffet-style restaurant allows you to feast on succulent crabs, prawns, and lobsters.

  • Aquamarine: Located at Marina Mandarin hotel, Aquamarine provides an extensive seafood buffet with fresh sashimi, oysters, and grilled seafood options.

4. Where can I find international cuisine buffets in Singapore?

If you have a preference for international flavors, Singapore has numerous buffets offering global culinary delights:

  • Carousel: Located in Royal Plaza on Scotts, Carousel features an extensive international buffet spread with dishes ranging from Japanese sushi to Western grill.

  • Edge: This buffet restaurant offers an enticing international selection, including Indian curries, Chinese dim sum, and Mediterranean delights.

  • The Kitchen Table: Situated at W Singapore - Sentosa Cove, The Kitchen Table presents a diverse culinary experience with cuisines spanning from Asian to Western.

5. Are there any halal buffets in Singapore?

For those seeking halal-certified buffets, here are a few noteworthy options:

  • The Landmark: Located in Village Hotel Bugis, The Landmark offers a halal buffet serving various cuisines, including Chinese, Malay, and Indian.

  • AquaMarine: This halal-certified buffet at Marina Mandarin hotel serves an array of local and international dishes, catering to different dietary requirements.

  • Carousel: In addition to its international spread, Carousel also ensures that all its dishes are halal-certified, providing a diverse dining experience for everyone.

Remember to indulge responsibly and check with each buffet restaurant for their specific halal certification. Enjoy your gastronomical adventure in Singapore!

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