Find 7+ of The Best Breakfast Spots in Singapore in 2024

Looking for the best breakfast spots in Singapore? Discover the top dining destinations to start your day with delicious food and great ambiance.

(Updated on: Jan 05, 2024)

Breakfast Spots in Singapore

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1. What are the popular breakfast spots in Singapore?

Singapore offers a plethora of top-notch breakfast spots known for their delicious offerings and vibrant ambiance. Some highly recommended options include Wild Honey, renowned for its extensive international breakfast menu, Common Man Coffee Roasters, known for its specialty coffee and hearty breakfast dishes, and PS.Cafe, popular for its stylish interior and delectable breakfast fare.

2. Where can I find affordable breakfast options in Singapore?

If you're looking for budget-friendly breakfast spots in Singapore, you're in luck! Many places offer tasty yet affordable breakfast options. Toast Box is a popular choice, offering traditional local fare like kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs at an affordable price. Ya Kun Kaya Toast is another well-known spot, loved for its pocket-friendly traditional Singaporean breakfast sets.

3. Which restaurants serve all-day breakfast in Singapore?

For breakfast lovers who enjoy indulging in breakfast delights any time of the day, several eateries in Singapore serve all-day breakfast menus. The Beast at Jalan Klapa is known for its soulful American-style breakfast options available all day, including fluffy pancakes and classic breakfast platters. Antoinette, a French patisserie, offers an all-day breakfast menu featuring delectable croissants, eggs benedict, and more.

4. What are some must-try international breakfast dishes in Singapore?

When it comes to international breakfast dishes, Singapore has an array of delightful options. Head to Clinton Street Baking Company for their renowned pancakes, Five Oars Coffee Roasters for mouthwatering Australian-style brunch options, or Symmetry for an eclectic menu blending Western and Asian flavors. These establishments are sure to satisfy your cravings for international breakfast fare.

5. Are there any halal-certified breakfast spots in Singapore?

Absolutely! Singapore offers various halal-certified breakfast spots catering to diverse tastes. You can visit W39 Bistro and Bakery, a cozy spot offering a wide range of halal breakfast dishes like eggs benedict and fluffy pancakes. The Halia nestled in the Botanic Gardens is another halal-certified establishment known for its tranquil ambiance and scrumptious breakfast items.

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