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(Updated on: Jan 28, 2024)

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Information about Indian Maid Agencies in Singapore

1. How do Indian maid agencies in Singapore help in finding domestic helpers?

Indian maid agencies in Singapore play a crucial role in assisting individuals or families in finding suitable domestic helpers from India. These agencies act as intermediaries between households seeking domestic help and experienced maids from India. They screen and select potential candidates, arrange interviews, handle paperwork and legalities, and provide ongoing support throughout the employment period.

2. What services do Indian maid agencies in Singapore provide?

Indian maid agencies in Singapore offer a range of services to ensure a smooth hiring process. These may include pre-selection of qualified candidates, organizing interviews, facilitating medical check-ups, handling work permit applications, and arranging for the maid's arrival in Singapore. Additionally, these agencies often provide training programs, guidance on employment regulations, and assistance for employers and maids with any issues that may arise.

3. What are the typical costs associated with hiring a maid through Indian agencies in Singapore?

The costs associated with hiring a maid through an Indian agency in Singapore can vary. Generally, employers can expect to bear expenses such as the agency fee, maid's salary, work permit fees, insurance, and other miscellaneous charges. It's recommended to check with the specific agency for a breakdown of the costs involved to ensure transparency and avoid any surprises.

4. How can I choose a reliable Indian maid agency in Singapore?

Selecting a reputable Indian maid agency in Singapore is crucial to ensure a trustworthy and hassle-free experience. Consider factors such as agency accreditation, years of experience, customer reviews, and licensing credentials. It is beneficial to compare multiple agencies, their services, and fees before making a decision. Seeking referrals from friends or relatives who have hired through Indian agencies can also provide valuable insights.

5. What should employers be aware of when hiring a maid through Indian agencies in Singapore?

When hiring a maid through Indian agencies in Singapore, employers should be aware of their responsibilities and obligations as employers. This includes understanding employment regulations, ensuring fair treatment and wages, providing a conducive living environment, and undertaking any necessary insurance or medical arrangements. Indian maid agencies can guide employers through these obligations, but it is essential to educate oneself on the legal framework governing foreign domestic workers in Singapore.

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